Hi loves, my name is Beezie. This site is a way for me to show all the sides that I have or most of them at least. I am a singer-songwriter. Music will forever and always be my first and most fire-filled passion. I am an artist by nature, photography, videography, fashion, etc. are all things that I find love in. I enjoy pouring my creativity into different outlets. 


Due to this reason, I started my own inbound marketing company. I specialize in social media marketing, branding, and finding the right vibe and aura each company that I work with should exude. I make all original content, and strive to show the true and authentic side of brands. 


Throughout this site, you will be able to view my music, videos, photography/videography, blog posts, and previous freelance work. I hope you enjoy searching through much as I enjoy creating each post. 


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